5 of 5: Celebrate with family & friends

Now you're fully equipped to host your own Ukrainian Christmas, all you need is your friends and family. Due to the current Covid restrictions, many of us will be celebrating at home. So, to cheer everyone up, here is a selection of photos and a video from our past celebrations.


As the centre for our strong and vibrant Ukrainian community in West Yorkshire, we have always celebrated this Holy period together. Have a look through and remind yourselves about our Ukrainian Christmas Celebrations over the years, and share your favourite memories!


Sviaty Mykolai:

We must have had some well-behaved children over the years at our Club, as Mykolai visits every year.

Traditionally, Mykolai visits children on the night of December 18th-19th. For those who have been good, he leaves a token present under their pillow - but for naughty children, he brings a small rod (rizochka)! He is usually accompanied by an Angel (yanhol) and a Devil (chort).


The Chefs:

The countless number of celebrations at Huddersfield Ukrainian Club would not have been possible without our wonderful chefs and helpers in the kitchen. Each year, our courses for Sviaty Vechir were prepared by members of our community, with families and children also serving the dishes to members seated in the main hall.

This camaraderie brought our members together, and has allowed many of us to grow up with fond memories of our relatives - especially nonnas - in the kitchen!


Our Annual Sviaty Vechir:

For over seventy years, we have celebrated Sviaty Vechir together as a community. Our members gather in the main hall for our biggest get together of the year. Celebrations usually entail a blessing from the priest, carol singing, eating, and drinking.

We've even found an old film reel of some of our old Svaity Vechir celebrations. This footage was filmed by Hryhory Karmasyn. A big thank you to the Kamasyn family.

Can you recognise some of the familiar faces?


A message from our events & social media manager, Petro Dorotiak:

It is important that we remember the efforts of our parents and grandparents to establish our community. Look back with pride but also look to the future to preserve our community, traditions, and sense of belonging. Be part of the community and help to create a history that your children and grandchildren will be proud of.

To Our Community:

Our community spirit has remained strong and vibrant throughout the years, and continues to thrive now even through challenging times.

We understand that this year is different, and that you might not be able to celebrate with family. It is so important to look back and to carry forward our Ukrainian traditions.

Acknowledge Sviaty Vechir, even if you are cooking one of the many holy dishes, or simply lighting a candle for absent family or friends.

We invite you to share photos of your celebrations with us on our private members group, and look forward to the future, when we can all celebrate together once again.

Be a proud member of our community and pass on our traditions.

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