How You Can Help Ukraine.

Updated: Mar 5

The ongoing situation in Ukraine is completely heart breaking for all across the globe, but it feels so much worse for our Community in Huddersfield, and fellow Ukrainians in their country.


What is happening in Ukraine?

On Thursday 24 February, the Russian Federation callously and unlawfully invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine, without any provocation. Many of you may be aware that the threat of full-scale invasion had been building for several months prior to this day, as Russian troops amassed on the border.

As the invasion continues, Putin has resorted to inhumane and globally condemned tactics to further crush the Ukrainian spirit and decimate the country. The Russian Federation continues to purposely attack civilian areas and cut off necessary supplies to some towns and regions, further exasperating the humanitarian crisis.

Up to today, over 1 million refugees have fled their country with simply one bag containing their life. Those who are unable to leave are bravely defending their right to live in a sovereign, peaceful nation.


How is Huddersfield Ukrainian Club helping?

Here at Huddersfield Ukrainian Club, we’ve been doing our utmost to raise awareness and support for those most in need.

Our social media team are updating our pages daily with updates from our Club and sharing verified news updates from Ukraine to counter the spread of disinformation and lies from Russia.

Our raffle is also promoted through social media, with all proceeds going directly to the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain’s GoFundMe page.

We are completely overwhelmed and deeply touched by the generosity and kindness of those in our surrounding area. On Thursday 3 March, bags and bags of donations were left at our Club. Many people even walked up just to donate money!

Teaming up with Crafty Baggage and Crafty Praxis, we are hosting a local event at Byram Arcade where people can come along tomake blue and yellow ribbons, to sell for charity.

To find out more about this event, please click here:


What can I do to help?

There are lots of different ways you can help Ukraine:

  • GoFundMe: Donating to the GoFundMe page is one of the biggest ways you can currently make a difference. All the money goes directly to those supporting the defensive war effort in Ukraine, as well as to humanitarian efforts on the ground. Stay tuned on our social media pages for updates on how this money is used!

  • Write to your MP: Writing to your local MP and asking for easier access for Ukrainian refugees, further sanctions against Russia, and more help for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You can find your local MP here:

  • Peaceful Protests: Protests are one of the best ways to have your voice heard. The more people who join a demonstration, the more likely people will take notice and apply pressure for greater change. You can find your local protest here:

  • Sharing accurate information: Although this sounds small, simply sharing accurate, verified information makes a huge difference and can help dismantle Russia’s disinformation campaign.

At this current moment, we are not currently accepting any further donations of clothes and goods at our Club to due an overwhelming response.

For further updates, please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.


How our Committee is helping.

Our Committee and Members at Huddersfield have been working tirelessly and continuously over the past couple of months to help support Ukraine.

Back in late January, we organized one of the first peaceful demonstrations in Leeds City Centre – it was a very emotional day yet comforting to work alongside other clubs such as Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and Stockport.

Since then, we have upheld our media presence to continue raising awareness and offering means of support to the public during a time when many of us feel helpless. We have had several features on BBC Look North, ITV Calendar, Leeds Live, Global Radio, Yorkshire Post, BBC Politics, and even the podcast You’re My Comms Hero, to name a few.


A final note:

We would like to deeply thank all those who have donated and helped raise awareness from the bottom of our hearts.

Your kindness during these difficult times provides a source of hope for us all.

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