Zolota Kalyna's Performance at Tarasivka

Huddersfield's Ukrainian Dance Troupe's most recent performance at the national 'Festival for Ukraine' fundraiser at Tarasivka marked the first one in over thirty years.


On Saturday 2nd July Zolota Kalyna performed at the 'Festival For Ukraine' fundraiser at Tarasivka. Their performance of the traditional Kolomyika marked the first time Huddersfield performed at the event for over thirty years.

Крайовий Здвиг (Festival for Ukraine) is the largest running annual Ukrainian festival in the UK, featuring live Ukrainian music, dance, food and culture.


Zolota Kalyna

Золота Калина are Huddersfield's newest generation of Ukrainian dancers. They began performing as just a group of 2 in 2019, and have since expanded to almost 10 members.

“I could not be prouder of our dancers and their performance at Tarasivka.
Their dedication and hard work in practising every week is admirable, and I know they'll go on to succeed.”

- Marusia Holt, Dance Teacher


The Performance

Click the video below to watch them perform.


A Final Note

"Zolota Kalyna did us all proud in representing our community this weekend.
It was fantastic to see Huddersfield back performing at Tarasivka, and I look forward to seeing their next performances.

- John Kybaluk, Branch Chairman

Alongside the dancers, several of our members stayed over the weekend at Tarasivka, representing the community and helping support Ukrainians in and around the UK.


A special thanks to Michael Kybaluk for the photos.


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