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About Us

Our Vision

Here at Huddersfield Ukrainian Club, our intention is to keep our culture and traditions alive, passing them on to our future generations, whilst also promoting and supporting the interests of our Ukrainian Community.

We work in a way to promote community spirit and encourage our members, from all generations and backgrounds, to discover more about our vibrant heritage and promote our cultural and educational centre.

Promoting Ukrainian Culture 

Let's Make A Change

We strive to create a strong, vibrant community which encourages people from all generations to get involved in our events.

Numerous cultural events are hosted at the Club throughout the year. These range from our cookery classes that teach staple Ukrainian dishes, to our annual Christmas Eve Meal, Sviat Vechir.


We also promote the use of the Ukrainian language to our younger generations, through our Shkola programme.

Do you want to get involved?

Whether you wish to discover more about your heritage, or want to continue the practise of your culture, you can get involved.


Now into our third and fourth generations, our younger members are taking the helm to ensure these traditions are not forgotten and will be passed on to future generations.

Follow our social media pages to get regular updates about our cultural events, sign up to our newsletter and make sure you keep an eye on our website!

Come and See us

We are based in Huddersfield with an excellent bar, so why not pop up and see us?

Visit our Social Media

We actively post and discuss Ukrainian topics on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Check out our events

We regularly run traditional and cultural events to promote Ukrainian tradition and culture.

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