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5 key ingredients for a Ukrainian Christmas

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Learn how to host your own Ukrainian Christmas at home this year, with our five-part blog series.


We hope this five-part series will provide our community with a sense of togetherness during this difficult time.


Our Aim

For over seventy years, our Ukrainian Community in Huddersfield have celebrated the Christmas period together.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot hold our annual Sviaty Vechir meal this year, the first time in our long history.

Instead, Huddersfield Ukrainian Club will release a five-part blog series entitled '5 Key Ingredients for a Ukrainian Christmas'. We hope to help our Ukrainian Community to remain connected and celebrate from home.

The '5 key ingredients' will not cover all aspects of a traditional Sviaty Vechir because there are so many important elements. It will, however, help our community members who do not normally celebrate at home re-create 5 key areas in a simple and straight forward way.

Each of the 5 articles will be posted intermittently in the week before Ukrainian Christmas Eve.

We also invite all our community members to share their personal traditions and memories, and we look forward to seeing your own Ukrainian Christmas Dinners, so take lots of photos and upload them to social media.


A word from our Chairman, John Kybaluk:

Even though we cannot celebrate together, we can still create a traditional Ukrainian Christmas at home. We invite our community to follow our 5-step guide, and also share their memories within the private members group.
Христос Рождається! Славімо Його!"

Written by Leah Dorotiak for Huddersfield Ukrainian Club.

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